Kristály Imperial Hotel **** – Tata

Kristály Imperial Hotel **** and Pálma Event House are excellent venues for organizing family events.

Festive occasions spent amongst our families are important moments of our lives, be them birthdays, wedding anniversaries, silver- or golden weddings, christenings or first communions.
We wish to make these events unforgettable for you and your family, and therefore we offer our unique venues for smaller and larger family events.

Bohém Wine Bar

For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, proposals, bachelor- and bachelorette parties, class reunions, banquets we recommend the brick-walled cellar of our hotel, capable for seating a maximum of 60 persons. Here you can enjoy each other’s companies freely, amongst extravagant lights, inside the hotel, but separated, and without disturbances. Rich wine-selection, a foosball table, darts machine, air-hockey, and a pool-table provide for careless entertainment in the bar.

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Esterházy Restaurant

Our Esterházy Restaurant can be a perfect venue of smaller weddings, silver- or golden-weddings, christenings, first communions, banquets, the tarnished arches of which are evoking the historical atmosphere of the baroque age, and is capable to seat 60 persons. We recommend this venue for more formal events, where the elegant surroundings are also important for our guests together with the complete service.

The selection of dishes of the restaurant shows our devotion to traditions as well as it follows gastronomical trends.

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Baroque Cour d’Honneur

One of the prides of our hotel is the Baroque Cour d’Honneur, in the centre of which a wonderful white marble fountain takes place, surrounded by Mediterranean plant environment. The Baroque Cour d’Honneur is a perfect location of marriage ceremonies, smaller summer weddings, friend reunions, banquets and class reunions.

From spring till autumn, the garden operates as a terrace, where hotel- and incoming guests can enjoy the tasty meals in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

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Szeparé is the separate room of Esterházy Restaurant that overlooks the cour d’honneur, which is elegant and intimate as well. The private room can be separated fully from the Restaurant and the lobby next to it. We recommend it for smaller and intimate events, like friend meetings, proposals or smaller engagements.


Zsigmond Cellar

The castle cellar named after King Zsigmond can be found in a special and romantic setting, on the shore of Lake Öreg, at the north-eastern gate of the castle built upon a cliff, next to the Rosenberg Bastion. The cellar evokes the atmosphere of past ages; its undisturbed location makes it a perfect location of class reunions, bachelorette- and bachelor parties or birthdays. We offer a gastronomical programme themed on that of the kings of the Middle Ages, during which our guests can drink wines made from vines of the surrounding area.

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