Kristály Imperial Hotel **** – Tata

A new medical centre wing, providing refreshment for the soul and the body, was built to the Kristály Imperial Hotel**** of Tata, where our guests can use preventive and rehabilitation medical services.

Kristály Imperial Hotel**** operates as a business hotel, most of our guests are businessmen from around the world. Our hotel provides traditional wellness services in the Crystal SPA wellness centre, where a swimming pool, jacuzzi, an infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, salt cave, tepidarium, steam-room and various massage-types await those wanting to get refreshed. Besides our popular wellness services, several medical services are introduced in the name of prevention and rehabilitation.

The new Medical Centre is mainly for screening for and preventing musculoskeletal-, cardiovascular-, and immune system disorders to attract health-conscious guests. Another important target group is tourists and residents in need of rehabilitation, which is also available besides the various medical and wellness services.

The services – without aiming to give an exhaustive list – include:

  • Special medical salt room with pulverized salt, dry salt therapy;
  • Salt crystal room that is also suitable for Pilates- and yoga sessions, smaller presentations and meetings;
  • Physiotherapy, remedial exercise;
  • Aquatic movement therapy;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Remedial- and relaxing wellness massages;
  • Medical cosmetics;
  • Medical health check.

We would like to maximally satisfy the needs of our guests with the creation of the Medical Wellness Centre. During our guests’ stay, we not only want to ensure their relaxation, but to facilitate health preservation and healing. We offer special manager-screenings and -treatments for businessmen, who make up for most of our guests, that they can have even as a therapy in case of more extended stay. Within the project, the accommodation capacity of the hotel will expand with 12 additional bed-places.

Concomitantly with the medical wellness investment, we started the development of our kitchen technology, which makes it fitting for special dietary wishes and newest trends. We started to use Sous Vide technology last year, where nutrients remain, tastes become more intense, and thus meals preserve their naturalness. Besides that, we included options for raw vegan dishes on our menu in the name of health awareness.

Complementary to our remedial services, we arrange various presentations and programmes in the name of health awareness. Our presentation series called “Soul Doctor” aims to cure the spirit as well as protecting our health and healing the body. We are going to continue these series including physical health maintenance for the sake of completeness.

We try to be unique, so the facility created during the investment will be exclusive in its quality, appearance and the quality of the services, as there are no other medical wellness hotels with such wide service palette that could provide these kinds of treatments in one place.

Press Release

Name of beneficiary: Gasztro-Kristály Vendéglátó Zrt.

Title of project: “KRISTÁLY MEDICAL CENTER – creating health services – HOTEL KRISTÁLY IMPERIAL – TATA”

Amount of contracted support: HUF 312,968,143

Rate of aid (%): 59.99%

The project includes: The new Medical-Wellness Centre is mainly for screening and preventing musculoskeletal-, cardiovascular-, and immune system disorders to attract health-conscious guests. Another important target group are local and neighbouring residents in need of rehabilitation, who also can use the services of the new medical centre.

List of our services to be provided upon medical advice, after health check and consultation (but not limited to):

  • Personal spinal- and cardiovascular health checks, specialist medical consultations;
  • Rheumatology, biophysical examinations, laser treatment, bio-resonance, magnetotherapy, shonotherapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy;
  • Cosmetology and aesthetical treatments, dermatology, trichology;
  • Remedial exercise, remedial massage, manual therapy, personalized therapeutic programmes for the development of muscles, aquatic movement therapy, sludge treatments;
  • Indiso-salt clinic, which is especially recommended in case of asthma, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, cold, flu, allergy, psoriasis and eczema.

Within the project, the accommodation capacity of the hotel expanded with 12 additional bed-places.

The investment realized from own resources supplemented with aid, will provide barrier-free access for disabled people. As a result of the investment, we have undertaken to create 8 new positions until the end of maintenance period.

Planned end date of the project: 15. December, 2015.

Project identification number: KDOP-2.1.1/F-12-2012-000