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The unique, 240 m2 wellness centre of our hotel is designed to indulge our guests with all of its facilities. The intimate wellness centre has been created in an effort to preserve the character of the original historic building by using high-quality materials. Premises are characterized by mirroring surfaces, large, shiny, bronze-like sheets, stone marqueteries and mosaics.

The mixture of minimal and baroque styles fills the room with an elegant and extravagant aura. The rich sauna-world of the spa and its different natural therapies, its salt, light- and aroma-therapy help relaxing, and physical and mental regeneration.

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You can get a wide variety of professional massages in our hotel:

Harmónia aromaolajos relax masszázs
Energetizáló, fitnessz masszázs
Frissítő és kondicionáló masszázs
Kakaóvajas élénkítő masszázs
Scen-Tao lávaköves masszázs
Jégvarázs-hűsítő masszázs
Relaxációs arc és fejmasszázs
Stresszoldó manager masszázs
Kismama masszázs




The jacuzzi provides the best place for refreshing and relaxing with its special lights. Water-jets refresh, bubbles massage the body gently, thus the immune activity of the body improves.
Hydro-massage, massage with strong water jets, and sitting bubble-massage, which is a  more gentle massage with airflow, are both part of the jacuzzi.
The water temperature of the jacuzzi is 33ºC, its size is 20 square metres, and it has a capacity of 8 persons.
The full refreshment of the body and soul is completed by a tropical adventure shower and a traditional shower with temperature control.



The infrared sauna has its effects at a lower temperature, 40-60° C, compared to the sauna, thus the skin and the connective tissues under it are not exposed to extreme temperature. The rays get deep under the skin, into the tissues of the body, and the warmth that is much closer to normal body temperature has its impact from inwards. Infrared sauna has detoxifying, body shaping and immune-stimulating effects. Sauna panels are placed behind a cedar cover making thermal dissipation gradual and filling the air with pleasant cedar smell.



In the cabin equipped with aroma therapy and heated seating area, steam and hot air surrounds the body, calming the nerves, cleaning respiratory tract, stirring up the blood circulation and vitalizing the skin. Temperature is around 43-48 ºC in the cabin, air humidity is between 90-100%. Capacity of the steam cabin is 4 persons.


The swimming pool, with a size of 5×12 meters, equipped with a counter-current generator and other adventure elements, has a temperature of 28 ºC. Hydro-massage, massage with strong water jets, and sitting bubble-massage, which is a more gentle massage with airflow, are both part of the adventure elements.  There is a unique and very eye-catching Barisor light system above the pool, which was the very first such system to be installed in Hungary.



The traditional Finnish sauna is complemented with light therapy at Kristály Imperial Hotel****. It provides the usual experience of a sauna, but together with the beneficial effects of light therapy. Thanks to the high temperature, the body starts to sweat, which has an effective detoxifying effect and stimulates blood circulation. Temperature: 90-100°C, air humidity: 6-15%, capacity: 5 persons.

Light therapy is a well-known alternative method, which utilises the energy of different lights to stimulate the human body and it also beneficiary for our mental health and physiological processes.



Tepidarium is a pleasant, regenerative room equipped with aromatherapy and heated seating area, where the temperature is optimal for sweating out harmful substances. The usage of the tepidarium strengthens the heart and blood circulation, while also providing total calmness and relaxation. Room temperature of tepidarium is 30-40ºC, and its seat warmth is 35-40ºC; it has a capacity of 10 persons.

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In the salt cave, where all walls are completely covered with Himalaya salt, a special, bacteriologically very clean microclimate dominates, which provides a healthy cure for protecting health. The lighting behind the salt bricks gives a unique effect. Capacity of the salt cave is 6 persons.

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Relaxing wellness refreshment with rich buffet breakfast or a three-course dinner.


2.5-hour usage of wellness centre
free beverage
buffet breakfast or a three-course dinner in the restaurant of our hotel
free parking in our underground car park

Price: HUF 6000/person/occasion

Prior appointment is required for visitors.

The package is available for purchasing as a voucher.

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Opening hours of Crystal SPA & Relax:
Monday- Friday:  06.00-08.00; 18.00-22.00
Saturday – Sunday:  08.00-12.00; 14.00-22.00

Opening hours of Esterházy Restaurant:
Monday- Thursday: 6:30 – 12:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Friday – Sunday: 7:00 to 22:00