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Esterhazy Restaurant

“To invite a person to your house is to take charge of his happiness as long as he be beneath your roof.”

Synergy of tradition and innovation. Being the restaurant of the oldest operating hotel of Hungary, Esterházy Restaurant, besides preserving the traditional tastes of Hungarian gastronomy and representing local wines, innovative culinary culture gains ground by developing the traditions further thanks to the dedicatedness and professionalism of our innovative chefs. Our culinary styles show in the categories of fine dining-, gourmet-, traditional Hungarian meals, and also living meals representing the peak of health-conscious innovation (enzyme-meals). Our integratedly farmed plantation is only two kilometres from the hotel, and, as an eco-agricultural background, its continuous improvement ensures the selection of healthy and quality meals. Besides this, our chefs carefully monitor the raw materials procured from licensed traditional small-scale producers, to ensure we offer high-quality food prepared from them in the name of quality and reliability. The professionalism and enthusiasm of the Kitchen Team show in their own, craft-made specialities as well (like pickling, smoking, ham, apple vinegar and carp sausages being made from the carps of local lakes). We enlist traditional, but extravagant type of meals as well on our menu card to provide a choice for as many social groups as possible. Our selection follows the change of seasons and seasonalities.

A’la carte

Our menu card, refreshed quarterly, serves our Guests with its colourful variety. Naturally, we have choices for our vegetarian-, vegan guests or those following a diet, as we pay attention to our guests having different sensitivities (with preparing gluten- and lactose-free meals), or to our guests keeping strict to their traditions.

Wine evenings

It’s recommended to plan your stay at our hotel to include one of our wine evenings. In our usually interactive, conversational wine evenings, the invited country-wide known oenologists guide us behind the scenes of different flavour-worlds, the historic background and characteristics of different traditional wines. The multi-course menu that fits the wines with high-level gastronomical experience is insured by our chefs committed to quality.


We provide uniquely tailored opportunities, and ideal circumstances for commemorating private events in Esterházy Restaurant. Besides our many own events, we often become involved in the special days of families or friend groups, during the weddings, team building trainings, birthdays, meetings, conferences, company celebrations, graduation parties, family- and company meetings that have been held at our restaurant. We try to honour this trust with high-quality environment, attentive service and ever-unique, individually tailored offers.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday

6:30 AM – 12:00
5:00 Pm – 10:00 Pm

7:00 Am – 10:00 PM